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that split is wierder..even kang hwi's in 6th pic is too gross!! atleast man ok's better!
Thanks neaa! I agree with you regarding pic 6... hehehe
in pic 6.. min woo looks like a gal and ki woong like an overgrown baby!! no offence... but there's some serious issue with the hair!! jung eum in the new hair do resemble hye kyo of worlds within a little
Hahaha... i checked out the link in the description and boy its heaps of spoilers!!! KYAAA!!!! huhuhu The portion where Man ok and Kwang hi seems like kissing and Tae ik saw it with a surprise expression... I hope the misunderstanding there won't last too long... hehehehe
i hope so too.. but the fact that it is 20 episodes.. idk.. there's gonna be a lot of sad parts!