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Last year this color was a big hit during spring and it's no surprising it's marked as Pantone's Spring color. Lucite green (Pantone 14-5714) is a soothing shade that gives off a fresh and clarifying vibe. The fabric that goes well with this color is usually transparent and light in weight. Which is why chiffon blouses and silk dresses are often made in this tone. If you're looking for a feminine touch to your outfit this color definitely makes the cut without appearing too girly.

Colors That Pairs Well With Lucite Green:

Colors like taupe, white or blush shades are often worn with lucite green. Remember the mint and coral combo you saw last year? It's still trending! For a cooler style, mix and match with muted shades such as blue and gray.
Photo Credit: John Lewis, Loft

My Favorite Aquamarine Styling Pieces:

love this color! bought a purse this color at Target a while back and I've got so many compliments on it!
I just realize my whole closet is filled with blues, grays, black and whites. I need some color in my life.
@madeleine You may have just single-handedly pushed me into the Lucite Green zone for Spring. I need to get this into my wardrobe this season. I don't have any!
I love this color! And lol @mikaylayla, swap your blues for reds and that's pretty much my closet!
Last Spring, my friend used this color for her wedding. From the bridesmaids dress to wedding decor everything was gorgeous
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