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No more gray skies and misery of Winter! Everything is blooming, and so is this Spring makeup concept for the fantasy and pink-centric bride. Take a look at this tutorial by freelance makeup artist, Elena. She has her own channel on Youtube here. She's also on Instagram, SurgeryMakeup.
1-Apply a primer (Motives Cosmetics Eye base) and a pink eye shadow on the first part of the lid
2-Apply a fuchsia eye shadow on the center of the lid
3-Apply a purple eye shadow on the outer corner and blend well in the crease, then apply it along the lower lash line
4-Apply a yellow eye shadow on the inner corner
5-Apply a glitter glue along the inner part of the lower lash line (Shop Violet Voss Secret Weapon Adhesive) and gold glitter on it (Shop Violet Voss Geri glitter)
6-Apply a black eye shadow on the outer corner
7-Apply a black pencil in the waterline and mascara (Motives Cosmetics Black Out mascara)
8-Apply false lashes (House of Lashes Noir Fairy lashes).
Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown, Clear Brow gel, Concealer
*Eye Shadow used comes from Blush Professional 120 Colour matte eye shadow palette unless otherwise noted.
What other bridal looks would you like to see featured in the Weddings Community?
Wow! What incredible pops of color. This is definitely for a wild kind of bride!
@NixonWoman as much as the colors are beautiful I don't think it'll go well with traditional white dress. Unless the dress is candy'll look to bold.
I like to see brides break from the norm and tradition. I say go for it!
I agree @mikayla
I like this for a Spring event. I'd see this more for guests attending a wedding than the bride. But it is nice.
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