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Elena is one of my new favorite freelance makeup artists. In this tutorial she takes a neutral eye concept and adds some sparkle to enhance the whimsy of Spring. You can watch her Youtube channel here and follow her on Instagram here.
1-Apply a base and blend in "Espresso" eye shadow in the crease
2-Apply "Daphne" on the lid and along the lower lash line
3-Apply "Dazzle" in the inner corner
4-Apply "Force" on the outer corner and blend well
5-Then apply "Cream" on the brow bone
6-Apply a glitter glue on the centre of the lid and apply glitter (Glitter Injections "Peacock" glitter)
7-Apply a black pencil in the waterline eyeliner along the upper lash line and mascara (Nabla Cosmetics Le Film Noir mascara)
Lashes: House of Lashes "Starlet"
*Motives Cosmetics used unless otherwise stated.
Ah! I actually have not seen The Vampire Diaries. I am going to be sharing more makeup tutorials like this--perhaps today.
When u said Elena I thought you were talking about the TVD character! Lol! I used to be obsessed with her brows so she was the first that came to mind!
I see what you mean @noonmarez. It's still a little more glitter than I am comfortable with. But the look is really pretty.
I like this color a lot. I like the glitter. I think the makeup artist did a good job of not putting too much glitter on. It looks grown up.