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Acne scar is common skin problem after your cyst or pimple dries out. Your skin is more prone to scarring if you pick at it. Which is why if you ever do your own extraction at-home you need to be extra careful. Some scars last from a couple weeks to years. I know it's pretty annoying I struggled with acne scars since the beginning of my sophomore year during high school and finally got rid of it during my junior year.
So, what slows down the healing process?
1. Constant picking
2. Lack of sleep
3. Dehydration
4. Unbalance diet
5. Ineffective skincare regimen
Those are things I notice after examining my lifestyle. I eventually changed my bad habits. Except I still have a hard time getting enough sleep because honestly as a student there are lots of things to take care. In addition, to altering my lifestyle I also started using essential oil in my skincare regimen.

How does essential oil heal acne scar?

Essential oil naturally contain moisturizing properties. Depending on the carrier you choose, each essential oil has different benefits such as antiseptic and antibacterial. Once you find an essential oil that suit your skin condition incorporate in your beauty regimen.

What I normally do:

Evening Routine
1. Cleanse face
2. Spritz toner
3. Apply essential oil
4. Apply water-base moisturizer
Daytime Routine
1. Rinse face with water
2. Sprtiz toner
3. Light-weight sunscreen
Note: Everyone's skin condition is different so my regimen might work for you. The important thing is stick with regimen and avoid trying different products to irritate your skin.
Hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or message me! I'll do my best to answer you. :)
I'm still new to the world of essential oil. There are just too many oils!
I usually use Vitamin E oil, but I'm willing to give one of these a shot!
@madeleine I felt the same way.
Adding on to what @beywatch said. Bio Oil also works. It's made for stretch marks but it also help with acne scars. I steal them from my mom. Lol
Whenever I feel a pimple growing I use the body shop's tea tree oil to prevent it from maturing. It always work. I have yet tried it as an acne scar because my skin heals pretty quickly.