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Sure it's Spring, but look how dazzling this peridot eye look is! This is the perfect way to celebrate Spring without dramatic pops of color. The neutral-friendly green you see here keeps the look romantic and elegant.
Follow expert makeup artist, Ely Marino to steal this look! You can follow her on Instagram here and subscribe to her Youtube channel here.
1.begin by applying "Peach Smoothie" slightly above the crease
2.Taking "Coco Bear" apply in the crease and blend
3.Using "Bada Bing" apply to both the inner & outer corners of the eyes
4.Pat "Kryptonite" pigment to the center of the lid
5.Smudge "Bada Bing" & "Coco Bear" to the lower lash line!! Dab a bit of "Kryptonite just to the center of the lower lash line! Highlight the inner corner with "Shimma Shimma"
*Makeup Geek Cosmetics used unless otherwise stated.
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I think it depends on your skin tone and what you are wearing
I think the green is hit or miss. I like it, but I wouldn't wear this often.
Im with you @alohajpark. I like thepastels and other colors, but not green
Im with you too @daniachicago
But I will say that she looks good with this makeup. It's just not something that I would do for me