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RadarOnline.com is reporting "sources" from the Ellen DeGeneres Show are over the moon now that "Madonna Week" is finally over. I was all too eager to read the "13 reasons" The Queen was no-nonsense pure bitch all week, but I am MORE than disappointed that, yet again, it's all hearsay and multiple riffs of basically the same thing: The Material Girl was a total control freak!
I kept looking for a list of what was in the Diva's Rider. How many pages was it? What the hell was Ellen thinking when she said YES to a full week of Madonna? Apparently, it was round-the-clock misery...for everyone!
Some nuggets I culled from the article, which you can read all of it here:
* Largest entourage in the Show's history (it's been on for almost 15 years!)
* Required several trailers
* Refused to use Show hair and makeup staff
* Forced the Show to pay for army of personal hair and makeup artists
* Required executive control of script (and Show schedule)
* Retained veto power on editing and Show material
* Required approval of everything--EVERYTHING!
Now, Madonna may be one of the most challenging guests to have on a show, but I can only count seven unruly bits of behavior--not the "13" as claimed by the online gossip site. What do you think of Madonna's shenanigans? Is she a piece of work or what?
My only final comment is that they KNEW what they were getting into when they agreed to these things. So, for all of Madonna's crazy insane requirements, who's crazier--Madonna or the Show that allowed it?
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Oh, Madonna's the crazy one, but the show is the weak one! Didn't they learn to 'Just Say No' in school?