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Besides making a good impression during an interview, you want to step in and out of the interview ground like a boss. Even if you don't land the job you want to be remembered as the interviewee who looks stylishly polished.
Store away the boring black suit top and bottom in your closet. Instead, go for a white or cream suit that'll make you shine as you step in the office.
A head to toe monochromatic outfit is professional but it's dull. Instead, switch up the formula with a pair of gingham print pants.
A black dress suit for your first interview is super professional but you'll look too much like a sales lady. Instead, try a charcoal or linen fabric dress suit for a relaxed and sophisticated look.
You don't have to wear a dress shirt for an interview. A white blouse an a pair of casual black pants is sufficient! Tie your hair in a bun and you'll look put-together.
I'm totally following this collection. I start a new office job in a couple weeks, and I really need to start switching up my wardrobe!
Everything about outfit #1 is amazing especially the cat eye sunglasses! I need one.
Yes, yes, and yes! I can definitely see myself rocking these outfits.
@beywatch I feel you. I only started this collection because of my new job. I needed a place to store ideas and thoughts.
If I can pull off the white suit I will wear it.