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Hello everybody I'm back, and it's time for another playlist challenge!
Before we get into that, there are a few things that I would like to say.
Firstly I would like to say that thanks to @kpopandkimchi I am back as the K-Pop Community Event Organiser, so thank you to Kimchi for that!!! ^^. Also to the other members of the K-Pop Community staff @aabxo @honeysoo @jiggzy19 Lets have another great quarter guys with even more fun and K-Pop goodness, Fighting!!!
Secondly I wanted to make you aware of a slight change to this collection. When I have time I will post these challenges, but in between those times you can create any playlists of any themes you like and tag me, so that I can add it to the Soundtrack to Life Collection. That way you can still share the music you love with each other even when I'm too busy to create a challenge :D
Ok now we had a fantastic challenge last time, and we introduced each other to some groups and artists we may not all have known about, it was awesome!!! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, maybe we will try doing this challenge again later :D
I want to say a big Thank You to @Ambie for submitting that as a challenge idea, great job Ambie it was great!!!
If anyone has any ideas for a playlist challenge theme send me a PM (Private Message) and I will add it to the list!
Ok so this time the playlist challenge theme is one I came up with. The challenge this time is....................................................................... (imagine that was a drumroll XD)

Songs you would use to introduce non K-Poppers to K-Pop!!!

This time it can only be K-Pop (any type of Korean music) no J-Pop or Mando-Pop or other Asian pop, we will do a challenge for those a little later :)
I know sometimes we may feel like knocking people on the head and dragging them into the world of K-Pop but...
As we all know that is not only illegal but most likely to land you in prison or juvy... so unfortunate :/
The best way to go about introducing someone to K-Pop is to intriuge them, to entice them, to tease them, and to pull them further and further in.
You want to leave them with a hunger for more knowledge of K-Pop (Just like Hyorin here <3) so show me what songs you would use, whether you do it through a normal playlist or any other way you may want to do it, just remember to tag me (@MattK95) in your card so that I can clip it to the collection :D Also if you don't want to miss anyone's playlists you can follow the collection maybe even like it while you're there.... maybe... :P only if you want to :D
If I didn't tag you I apologise there are so many usernames to remember, but you should still feel free to take this challenge and create and share a playlist based on this theme, I would love that!!! Also for those that I did tag please do not feel obligated to take this challenge just enjoy the photos and gifs XD (unless you want to take the challenge then go ahead :D) you can also tag your friends in the comments here to challenge them ^^
Finally remember to be on the lookout for more exciting content in the K-Pop Community soon!!! We have some cool surprises planned :D
(^This gif is for @harmonico :D... @jiggzy19 forced me to use a Chanyeol gif XD^)
Goodbye for now <3
Remember to always be respectful of each others likes and dislikes in K-Pop, we are a Community and a family, not different armies at war! <3
@jiggzy19 @christy @jimberlykemp @SakuraBlosson96 @shashae5296 I think @MattK95 would be furious (was that a bit of an exaggeration? haha) when most of the comments are about Chanyeol. :) Mianhaeyo @MattK95
@jiggzy19 @harmonico @christy another chanyeol fan here even though he always tease Jong in! :D
@harmonico hahaha no I'm not furious at all, I do really like Chanyeol :)
1. Chanyeol fan ♡ 2. @bookjunkie 3. Love this challenge, @MattK95 , it shall be an interesting one ^o^ I have yet to finish the last challenge.... I shall work hard on both over the weekend \( ^-^)/
@harmonico @jiggzy19 I'd join!!! #theYeolClan
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