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Ta-Da! Annyeong Chingus! Here's my playlist. It's quite short, but anyway, please enjoy! And if you find any mistakes with my post, please feel free to tell me!
Saranghaeyo! Let's begin in 3.....2......1.......
EXO's Growl was the song that got me addicted to KPOP, that's why I'm putting this first. haha . I think Non-Kpoppers would also love this song and the choreography is also great. And I got my sisters to be addicted to Kpop also with this . :)
BTS's Just One Day is ringing in my ears nowadays. I assure you, this is a very great song for Non-Kpoppers to start loving KPOP . :D
Henry's 143 ft. f(x)'s Amber . I just can't say anything! This is great!
SHINee's Your Number is on my playlist! Can I get you number? Can I get you name?
Those lines are so cute when sang by SHINee .
Miss A's Only You. What can I say? These lovely girls are great!
Akdong Musician's I Love You. Saranghae!
EXO's Call Me Baby! **Speechless**
This is not counted for the challenge, but this song will make you realize that EXO is awesome . haha . This is EXO's (I mean D.O, Baekhyun, Chen and Luhan's) version of Open Arms . Please listen to this and LOVE EXO! haha . Sorry, I can't enough with EXO . haha .
Annyeong everyone! Says Chanyeol-ssi! @MattK95 I've done it already, I was very much excited, that's why I made it as fast as I can . haha . By the way, thank you for tagging me to do the challenge! :) @jiggzy19 I think I need to tag you with this . Look at Chanyeol! haha . @MattK95 and @jiggzy19 Can you send me a reaction of my choice of songs ? haha . Gomawo!
wow awesome list @harmonico. The last song first time to listen but it's a very good song. and thanks for AKdong I like all of their songs. All the list full of good songs make every one don't know korea fall in love with korea
@MattK95 @jiggzy19 My mom also prefer EXO's Open Arms than any other Kpop song, because it's not very loud . haha . and it's not in Korean, so she understands it well . haha .
i haven't heard some of these will have to give it a listen.
love love your list <3
Thanks @christy
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