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We are at a global war. Its been raging on since the events of what was called at first, "The Arab spring'. It may seem to many as a series of local conflicts but it is not. World war IV, just like the cold war that preceded it, and the two "official" world wars before them, are parts of one continuum, a single bloody process, a struggle of mankind to redefine its story. In fact, this struggle started more than a century before World War I, in the aftermath of the French revolution, and has evolved since to be less and less between countries and more and more between ideologies and beliefs. World War IV is a war that its battlefields are not in certain geographical areas, but in the minds and hearts of people. It is a war of consciousness. It is an abstract war. Except that the damages and the suffering of the victims are as real as in any war, and the basic laws of how to fight and win are the same too.
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I often wonder if, and when, we will look back on the constant fighting and wars that have been going on and finally categorize them into the world wide state of war that we have been in, as you mentioned. It's not as simple as feeling like the war has broke out at one time.