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Jimmy Fallon & Julia Louis-Dreyfus Play 'The Whisper Challenge'
If you've ever seen "Seinfeld", you know that actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one funny lady! Last night, she appeared on "The Tonight Show" to plug the latest season of her award-winning comedy "VEEP" and play a few rounds of 'The Whisper Challenge'.
If you don't remember the game from when Jimmy played it with country music star Blake Shelton, the premise goes something like this: One player wears noise-cancelling headphones playing really loud music while the other one says different common phrases to them. The one wearing the headphones has to guess what was said, and naturally, hilarity ensues!
Just wait and see what he thinks she says when she says "Uptown Funk You Up"!
love him. love her. love them.
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@marshalledgar Did you hear her say what she thought 'salted peanuts' was? I was dying.
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