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Craziest and Funniest Stunt Kite Ever

Check out this amazing stunt kite flying on Huntington Beach, California. If you don't know about stunt kites you might think this is some kind of witchcraft, as the kite seems to defy gravity.
However, it's must simpler than that. A performance stunt kite and a lot of skill by the kite flyer, and this is what you get.
This is a four line, or "quad line" stunt kit. The kite flyer can tilt the kite both up and down and independently left and right. If the wind is coming from a steady direction (let's say from directly behind you) you can tilt the control up (bottom two lines in, top two out) and the wind will spill out of the top of the kite, and that negative pressure will pull it upwards. Reverse that for downwards, and flip the axis for left / right.
With a good bit of practice you can fluidly move the kite on multiple axis' at once for diagonal movement.
If you want to see how to start flying a kite like this here is a little demo. Although it's not as skill filled as the first video, it will make the first video's kite flying make a little more sense!
I lost it when it started walking on the ground! hahahahaha
It just floats there! Amazing!
perplexed. amazed. astonished.
Okay this is the coolest kite I've ever seen, and I thought I'd never say that
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