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Could it be that the family Americans seem to love to hate have officially been banned from parking in their own city?!

This week, a number of signs started popping up all around Los Angeles that read "NO KARDASHIAN PARKING ANYTIME".

(Even in front of DASH, the Kardashians' very own Melrose Avenue boutique!)

Is this the first step the city's taking to kick Kardashians out of Hollywood?

Apparently, this is all just an elaborate prank by the Los Angeles equivalent of Banksy, a street artist that goes by the alias 'Plastic Jesus'. He was previously famous for his "Stop Making Stupid People Famous" signs that popped up nearby several intersections in the city.

In an official statement to the media, Plastic Jesus explains the intention behind his latest project: "It's double-sided. It's intended to criticize us as consumers and the media. Without us, there would be no market for the Kardashians. We are equally, if not more so, to blame ... I think people should be recognized for what they do, not who they are."

Fortunately for Kimye, they're in Armenia with their daughter, North. So they have a little more time before they have to worry about stateside parking!

ya know I don't care how much someone or family is disliked or "stupid famous" this to me is bullying and mean. even as a prank. so if you don't like them stop watching their show, buying magazines their in, buying their products, ect. embarrassing them or talk bad about anyone is wroung. besides you just got them talked about even more for this. so tired everytime I turn the t.v on or internet someone is disrespecting, someone in some way or another, its sad how many disrespectful and mean people there are!!!!
For a second I really thought Hollywood is kicking the kardashian out. Lol
@marshalledgar I was kind of eyerolling that a guy that delights himself on being called 'LA's Banksy' makes official statements explaining his art. That makes no sense. Part of Banksy's appeal has always been his anonymity.
I'm not sure anyone will ever be able to top Banksy. Ever.
@AlohaJPark Nope! Not yet at least. I just wanted to confuse everyone lol ;)
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