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If you’re curious to find out what the fashion capital of the world, New York and the people there are buying, then download this app - Envicase.
With the purpose providing a place where the users can freely show off their fashion items and exchanging useful shopping information, Envicase has been gaining popularity among trendsetters and fashionistas especially after world’s top bloggers like Manrepeller and Bryanboy started using the app. The best thing about this app is that you can get envied by thousands users around the world without having to worry about being judged by others. One of the most interesting features of Envicase is that in order to see the hidden shopping information of the item, you must click on the Envy (similar to the Like button in FB) button.
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If you are constantly saying to yourself “why do I have nothing to wear?” we recommend that you look into an app called, Polyvore. Known as the grown-up's styling playground, the app allows the users to create a collage using different fashion items provided by the app. Not only can you can get inspired by the collages created by other users, but you can also search for different results based on your mood. In the shopping section of Polyvore, you can find your “It Item” by sorting through color, size, style and brands.
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