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If the Billboard Top 100 is any indicator, Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk" is officially TOO hot! (Hot damn!)

The soulful single is enjoying its 14th week as the most popular song in America, a pretty impressive feat that isn't actually all too common in the music world. Only a few songs have been able to maintain their top spot for 14 whole weeks.
In fact, if it lasts 16th weeks at #1, it will be tying "One Sweet Day" by Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men for the longest-running #1 song on the charts. (And "One Sweet Day" has been the record holder for two whole decades!)

Will they be able to make it?!

(Mimi doesn't think so.)

Personally, I'm rooting for them. It would be nice for a song like "One Sweet Day" to pass the torch to something just a little more upbeat!
Plus, I'm loving the parodies that have come out of the fame of the "Uptown Funk" single, from Voldemort's "Dark Lord Funk" to a hilarious cover performed by a man who can do the voices several famous cartoon characters (see video above).

What do you guys think? Is "Uptown Funk" about to fizzle, or do you think it has the potential to break the record of "One Sweet Day"?

It's about time for a new record holder, I think. Let's see what happens.
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@amog32 I think so too. That song is SO OLD now!! I remember rollerskating to it when I was a little kid.
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I am here to share a very random story: I was sitting in an outdoor cafe on a relatively quiet street yesterday and all of a sudden a car drove past with a passenger hanging out the back window screaming 'DON'T BELIEVE ME JUST WATCH...DONT BELIEVE ME JUST WATCH" with the music blaaaaaaring. Everyone in the general vicinity just paused, looked at each other in stunned silence, and then just started cracking up. Thank you for that moment Bruno Mars.
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