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This is my playlist: 1)Can't Nobody/Come back Home- 2ne1 2)Mamacita/Sorry Sorry- Super Junior 3)Fantastic Baby/Haru Haru- Big Bang 4)Catch me- TVXQ 5)Danger- Taemin 6)Warrior/One Shot- B.A.P. 7)It's over- Speed 8)Mama/Overdose- Exo 9)Danger- BTS 10)I am the best- f(x) I realize some of these are older songs, but since I am relatively new to kpop they are all new to me. Hope you enjoy!
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Great list!! :)
Great list, it doesn't matter at all that they are somewhat old :)
Mamacita is such a fun song!
Taemin__Danger....ugh that boy is a criminal....stole my heart lol.. and I had an obsession with Mamacita that is well documented by my family. Great list!
Amazing list