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Once upon a time there was a show called "Man v. Food" where an average Joe with an iron stomach traveled from city to city to embark on a number of regional food challenges.
In one episode, he ate a six-pound burrito as a part of the "Big Badass Burrito" Challenge at Las Vegas' NASCAR Café. In another episode, he went to Long Island's International Delight Café to eat "The World", a 2 1/2-gallon hot sundae made with 30 scoops of gelato. Needless to say, four seasons of this took a serious toll on host Adam Richman's health, and the show was eventually taken off air.

Now Adam has officially returned to the public eye to make quite a surprising announcement: He's 60 pounds lighter, a feat he owes to eating vegan for the past few months.

However, Adam insists that his decision to start eating vegan has nothing to do with his time spent as a host on "Man v. Food". Instead, it all spawned from his love of playing soccer and desire to get himself back into shape for training.

"I'm training for football right now, I've been vegan for the past three months or so," he said. "And for Soccer Aid, I went 100 percent vegan."

Adam has since taken to social media to insist that while he is eating vegan right now, he still considers himself an 'omnivore', but I think regardless, it's really inspiring to see how he was able to see such quick and tremendous results by maintaining a cruelty-free diet!

What do you guys think about Adam Richman's shocking new lifestyle?

Glad he decided to make this kind of lifestyle change!
Good for him, I'm glad to see him turn his life around! @MattK95 I feel like most Americans have the same reaction to this show...so embarrassing!
@MattK95 It's true! @vegantraveler is right. The show was funny and amusing, but it also made me a little embarrassed that it was so entertaining to watch someone eat so much food. So gross!!
I remember that show, honestly in Australia most people just looked at it shook their heads and said "only in America" but good on him for starting on the path to better health :D
@pizzaforall Do they really not have one of those yet?!
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