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I've got exclusive links to episode 1 & 2 of EXO Next Door!!! I'm pretty sure you can only get them with these links so far!! I'm not posting the actual videos because you need the Youtube Captions ;D Sehun and Baekhyun getting it on thoooo ♡♡ Episode 1: Episode 2: If you're wondering how I got them, it's a long story. An Instagram account I follow had the link to a Twitter account that had the links to these locked videos. They also said to watch them before they get deleted so watch while you can!! :) Enjoy!
OMO! Thanks for this. Is there a subtitle for this? I don't think I can understand this . haha .
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@harmonico yup! If you go on YouTube and turn on the captions! ^^
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Gee thanks! :) I'm so excited!
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