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1. The Knot

Tie your scarf in a knot and twist your hair into a crown for this look.

2. The Wrap

Wrap your scarf around the crown of your head and tie it on the back to sweat off your face.

3. The Twist

Twist your scarf and secure it at the crown of your head. Works for any hairdo!

The Bun

Wrap the scarf around your bun and tie it in place. Use a bobby pin to secure it.
I can only make a mess on my hair
where can you buy a headscarf?!?
@KellieBarros I just use regular scarf to make a headscarf. If I feel like putting effort I will purchase fabrics from Joann's and make it myself.
Hey, the knot style is very attractive for me. At first, I thought it looked weird. However, more I look at it, it is very stylish and attractive.
@ChelseaHeyes I wore this hairstyle last summer and experiment with several scarfs. you actually need a light and short scarf to do the twisted headscarf. Otherwise, it'll be too bulky.
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