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Girl Flips Out Over a Manatee
Ah, manatees. Affectionately known as "sea cows," these big guys are also herbivores (eating mostly algae), incredibly slow moving, and generally one of the least dangerous things in the sea. But this girl doesn't care about that. This girl cares that its near here...."WHERE IS IT!!! WHERE IS IT!!!!!"
I'm pretty sure there's a bigger risk of her drowning herself from her freak out than there is of that manatee doing anything to cause her harm in any way. Just saying.
Here, have a Calming Manatee to make everything better.
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OK the thing is huge she is having a Grade A freak out.
3 years ago·Reply
I feel bad for bursting into laughter over her hysteria, but it's so funny. At one point she lounges on her back. In the midst of her panic it just seems odd. Lost it when she was towed in by rope. LOL
3 years ago·Reply
My god she is terrified she's going to burst a blood vessel any second
3 years ago·Reply
that little girl needs to get on up out of that creek. All that carrying on, but she's the one in the water in their territory.
3 years ago·Reply
lol hahahaha funny!!
3 years ago·Reply