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Throwback Thursday: 90s Alien Bun

Do you remember the alien buns of the 90s? If you watched Zenon Girl of the 21st Century back in 1999 you'll notice the space girl wore this hairstyle on her space adventure.

Characteristics of Alien Bun

Twisted and knotted into two or more buns.
During the 90s Gwen Stefani notably wore this hairstyle for her music performances. She loves twisting it into multiple little buns. Like I mentioned above, Zenon also sported this hairstyle and I think her version is more wearable without looking too funky.
Modern way to wear the alien bun:
Not many people like to wear their hair like this but if you're going to a outdoor festival this hairstyle might keep the cool. Look at how Miley Cyrus styled her pixie cut the the alien bun (pictured on the right).
Would you wear this style?
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I have a friend named Caroline that always wears her hair like this. She's really into alternative looks. (She did the whole partial head-shaving look when it was popular.) While I don't think I'd personally try the look, I can see it being a perfect style for someone who wishes they could do something extreme with their hair (like dye it purple) but can't commit for whatever reason.
Hahaha I remember as well. This hair is weird enough to wear for Halloween!
Good old 90s. I think a grown up wearing this hairstyle is too silly but it will look cute on a flower girl!
OMG. Zenon! I remember watching that movie on Disney. She was the reason I want to be a space girl for Halloween.
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