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Barcelona manager Luis Enrique has stated that he is not worried for either his side or forward Neymar after the Brazilian has not scored in a La Liga game since the 15th of February. Enrique was quick to say that Neymar adds a lot “less visible” help to the squad and that that he “gives the team a lot of things” the manager considers important to the squad.

As much as it’s a cause for concern, Enrique is right here. Barcelona has managed to rack up a 4 point lead at the top of the La Liga table, including their win over title rivals Real Madrid. This is coupled with their Champions League quarter-final appearance that will take place next week. Barcelona are fine, and Neymar’s 17 goals in the league so far are nothing to snuff at despite going almost 2 months without scoring.

@CitySarajevo They dropped 2 to Real today.
@GermanBumbleBee Things got wildly interesting now. Could be set for final day drama at this rate.
Barcelona are so close. They we're favorited were they?