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I was inspired by @danidee's eggless gnocchi recipe, so I found this recipe that I need to make. To take the eggless gnocchi to a new level, mix 3 medium-sized garlic bunches (blended) into the potato mix before forming the pasta!


arugula, as much as you like
Smoked Tofu Pasta Sauce:
½ cup smoked tofu, crumbled
2 Tbsps mustard
3 Tbsps nutritional yeast
⅓ tsp white pepper


Tofu Pasta Sauce:
Put all sauce ingredients in your food processor. Start by adding ½ cup of water. Process until smooth and add more water until the sauce reaches the desired consistency. Don't add any salt. You'll see that smoked tofu is already salty enough.
Pour sauce over gnocchi and add fresh arugula leaves on top. Perfect!
I love mustardy cream sauces, so this sauce sounds SO GOOD.
Garlic gnocchi?! YUM!!! Might change up the sauce but definitely making my own pasta :)
Can you buy tofu already smoked?
I love that pile of arugula on top!
That color is fantastic!