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Where do you like to meet someone for a first date? I'm totally partial to something that will get us talking (an outdoor festival at a park, a coffee shop where we can people watch) and not just about ourselves! I feel totally stifled if its just me and that person in a secluded spot. Like, sure, I want it to be romantic, but I don't want to feel pressured into romance if it isn't working!
Check the list below for find out first-date spots that are most popular among men, women, and different age groups. I have to say I'm kind of shocked at how much STARBUCKS takes over this list!!!

Where do you prefer to meet?

Hey, I'm a fan of restaurants actually. I'm just more comfortable during a meal.
@fallingwater I guess some girls are, of course! I don't mind them, either, but they're not my #1 preference!
Restaurants for sure. Honestly, I got a first date later today. We're going Chip & Putt and then to dinner, which I'd like to be at a sit down like Applebees or something. Depends on how far she wants to drive.
I'll be honest that I want to go somewhere I can make an easy escape if I absolutely need to. Not to assume the worst, but hey, it happens!!