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Darmirra Brunson just slayed Iggy, Azealia, and Nicki in one go. I don't think she totally got the Nicki vibe but her Iggy and Banks were on point.
This is probably one of the best pop parodies I've seen in a while.
Compare them to the real thing below:

Iggy Azalea

Azealia Banks

Nicki Minaj

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The Iggy was the best, her Nicki was the one I thought she got slightly wrong, still she did a pretty good job
@MattK95 totally agree, she was killing me with her iggy impression hahahah
Oh man her Nicki was a mess hahahahahah but I appreciated her attempts at the different 'personas' of Nicki haha
@ArianaVenti especially with how hard the Australian accent is to duplicate, especially if your not from here