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Hey there coffee lovers!! I probably should have posted this sooner (sorry everyone!), but I'm back and happy to say that I'll be continuining as coffee moderator for a bit longer :) Why do I keep applying to be coffee moderator? Because I love coffee! It's just for the taste, really. While of course the caffeine gives me a little jolt, I really just love the variety of coffee concoctions that are out there, you know?
There's just nothing like a good book and a nice iced caramel macciato. I hope this community can become a place where we talk about our favorite coffee shops, our favorite places to order from, and our favorite drinks! Plus if anyone likes to homebrew, cold brew or hand drip or whatever, lets share our tips!! Until then, enjoy your coffee!
@christy Thank you!! @ideadoctor Looking forward to talking more :)
Wonderful!! Coffee Aficionado in Seoul
Welcome back