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The bedsheets fall,
collapsing to the floor with more weight,
more ease, than ever before.
The silence breaks
shattering into a cacophony of little crackles
the ear would have, at one time,
The walls flex,
arching with the wave of a hand,
with the breeze of a breath
with the passing of words,
that don't dare to sound aloud.
The world jolts
and erupts into a kaleidoscope upon the books,
upon the forks and the spoons,
upon the beam we so carefully edge ourselves along,
trying to desperately hard not to slip,
but teetering happily in each passing gust.
My eyes catch yours;
the world halts its motion.
The colors cease to change
and I remember, with regret,
that everything else will change.
Another piece taken from long, long ago. The only think I changed were some grammar issues and formatting mistakes. Any critique is still welcome!
@hikaymm Ah, yes, that can happen. I agree that it's better to let it be, unless it's a work you intend to expand and move on with in a new way. Otherwise, let it be and begin something new. That's my opinion, anyways.
@greggr Kind of weird? I'm tempted to keep it hidden and I'm also tempted to change everything, but it's representative of a time in my life so I don't!
What's it like, looking back on things you wrote quite a few years before? I always love this process, though I usually find myself editing, editing, editing.