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Museum On Your Finger
Skip the lines. Avoid the strollers. No tickets to buy. Sweaty throngs be gone.
That's because men can put more than love and diamonds on your finger. They can stack your bone, muscle and flesh with a museum quality pearl from the Baroque Period. Sure the 18k gold ring is fashioned new from Bali-based designer, Jean Francois Fichot, but darlings, the pearl is ancient!
At $2,450 there's only one of these. It's custom.
Oh, that's awkward...you thought this was mass-produced? Like the trinkets that snap, break and tangle themselves that you see beneath smudged glass at stores with linoleum flooring squares?
(Pours an Amaretto Sour)
Yes, I've been to the Targets and others, carefully covered up so as not to recognize me.
Baroque Pearl Ring
Inventory No. 30-3-7133
Center South Sea Pearl Details:
Measurements:21.60 x 16.27
Product Details:
Materials:18 Karat Yellow Gold
Ring Size:6 1/2
Width:11/16 inch
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