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Lindsay has had a serious fall from fame, and I would never want to replace my life with hers, but she has had some truly shining moments in her career.
To see her recovery and slow climb back to normalcy, you can check out her Instagram.

1. Starring in The Parent Trap

This was by far my favorite movie as a kid and I desperately wanted to wake up one day to find how that I had a twin. She did an incredible job and this is honestly her best role, ever.

2. Dating Jared Leto

Look at him! He may be a little crazy, a little over the top about his craft, and maybe even a bad boyfriend but I would just really like him to take me out for coffee just once.

3. Being the Best Mean Girl

She gets to be in the best movie ever made and then she also gets to be the heroine?!

4. Being Jamie Lee Curtis, Kissing Chad Michael Murray, and Just Generally Being Bad Ass

Her role in Freaky Friday was just plain awesome. I might go home and watch this tonight actually...

5. Having Tyra Comb Her Hair

She was BFFs with Tyra at age 11! What the hell?!

6. Having a Water Fight with Jimmy Fallon

Okay so I just have a major crush on Jimmy Fallon so I can pass on the water fight JUST LET ME MEET HIM.

7. Being So Incredibly Sassy in Confessions of a Drama Queen

She is the queen of being different characters on screen simultaneously. This song was my anthem all through middle school.
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Oh my god, I just rewatched Lifesize a couple weeks ago lolol.