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One of the tenets of Hermeticism is that of "As within, so without / As above, so below..."
The conclusion, though its full understanding can be elusive, is that the outward expression is a reflection of the dynamic forces of the inner subconscious. Whether you choose to ascribe that to your belief system or not is entirely up to you. Quite frankly, I'm not too invested to dig deeper; all I care about right this minute is this Tahitian pearl specimen.
Perched atop the platinum ring at 15.5 millimeters is one of the most superlative pearls I have laid my eyes on. It's Tahitian with nacre that dances between gray, bronze and violet. It's masterfully paired with diamonds making this post-Edwardian period wedding engagement ring magnificent.
Tahitian Pearl Engagement Ring
Inventory No. 30-91-1857
Center Tahitian Pearl Details:
Measurements:15.50 x 15.50
Additional Gemstone Details:
Diamonds 46 Round Cut Diamonds
Diamond Total Carat Weight: 0.50 carats
Diamond Clarity: VS-I1
Diamond Color: H-I
Diamonds 6 Baguette Cut Diamonds
Diamond Total Carat Weight: 0.35 carats
Diamond Clarity: VS1-SI
Diamond Color: H-I
Total Diamond Carat Weight:0.85 cttw
Metal: Platinum
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