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Gutwrenching Chain and Ladders on Trail
Sometimes, you get through a really difficult hike, only to be faced with a more challenge that's somehow even harder than the hike itself. Usually, that's in the form of a bridge or ladder that just doesn't look like something anyone should be climbing on. And it's probably not.
Here's some of the scariest I saw online:

Ladder on the West Coast Trail

from Phideaux81 on Reddit.

Bridge on the Long Trail in Vermont

from walkalong on Reddit.

Mooney Falls, near Havasu Falls in Arizona

from isthisoneinvalidtoo on Reddit.

Near Tugela Falls in Drakensberg, South Africa

from crowhurst on Reddit.
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Can that "bridge" in vermont even be called a bridge?! It's totally waterlogged!
As long as I'm not too high off the ground, I think it's kind of fun to traverse these parts!! Not if they're gonna fall apart, but just if they give me a bit of a thrill!