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Hopefully this just needs to grow on me, but I'm really not feeling this at all!
The choreo is cool, but the song is really meh to me. Anyone agree? Disagree?

wasn't really feeling the song. but the dance was great
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I'm gonna be brutally honest here and say the only thing I liked about this was some of the camera work... Just my opinion though, it really is unfortunate, kinda feels like their talent was wasted here :/
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I am not a fan of G.G but like watch them as a kind of curiosity. but this song is the worst ever even their outfit not good at all.
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I really didn't like this at all. I didn't think the song flowed well at all it was really choppy and it just didn't sound that good to me! Very disappointed! That's my opinion anyway :)
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I didn't like the song or their dancing. the song didn't flow very well and there voices were too fixed, they didn't sound natural at all. I like G.G but not with this song.
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