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Hey Guys, I'm back again! A lot of you seemed to like the first card I published, so I'm sharing more of my favorites! I did a search on Vingle and only found the vaseline eyelash growth method. I personally tried it and it took a long time to see the results. Then after I stop using vaseline on my lashes the length became shorter again (I have no idea why).
So I came across this video (above) and the youtuber used 3 ingredients to make an eyelash growth serum:
1. Castor Oil
2. Vitamin E Oil
3. Coconut Oil
It's pretty simple. You just layer equal amount in a small container. Mix it and you're done. It'll take about a week to see the results.

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She uses "like" too much other than that nice video.
3 years ago·Reply
@@alise that's a video from YouTube rclbeauty101 that's why
3 years ago·Reply
One suggestion don't rub too much on. A little goes a long way. Otherwise you'll end up with oily lids.
3 years ago·Reply
Does this work on eyebrows as well?
3 years ago·Reply
i think so @stargaze but don't rub too hard
3 years ago·Reply