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Pastel are bright and playful but these epic geometric nails will take you on a spin. Try staring at it for 1 minute.
When I first saw this it took me a long time to figure out what the design is suppose to be. Could you tell these are inkbots?
This reminds me of the cool macbook cover stickers I used to have. If you're ever bored in class this pull apart feather nail will definitely entertain you.
Wink Wink. The cutest nail design ever but here's a warning: Try not to fall asleep staring at them.
Painting nail designs especially straight lines are difficult. Unless you have steady hands you'll never get it straight! Instead try taping your nails.
Which one is your favorite black and white nails?
@EsmeraldaAvalos I think it's painted on with thin brush and for the lines...maybe use tape as a guide.
how do u do them
Wow so many beautiful black and white designs
Love the simplicity of the wink manicure.
I realize that I prefer white pattern on black base more than vice versa. Looks a bit more refined and classy that way.
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