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The Munnu Mughal ring, made of 22 karat gold and faceted rainbow moonstones is a contemporary way of solving one of life's greatest quandaries: Do you get a vintage ring from yesteryear or get something that is so new it's custom? Munnu The Gem Palace is precisely that, a centuries-old family business that has created some of the most startling and fascinating objects made of precious metals and gasp-worthy jewels.
While the ring is completely new, and not at all vintage, I am including it in my Vintage Rings Collection because it evokes such a strong resemblance to 15 Century rings I simply have to share it with you. One-of-a-kind, this ring is priceless and can be made to order through Munnu.
Tell me what you think of this stunning piece of art. Do you love it? Would you wear it?
Don't get me started on Munnu. I go crazy for their gems. We're talking hundreds of years old-gems!
I bet. I have moonstone but its nothing like this.
The jewelry that comes from Munnu is ridiculous in beauty
how lovely. The color of the gold is so warm and pretty.
this is something I could wear and never take off. It's stunning. Ive never worn moonstone before.