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Yes, I'm a sucker for all sort of art drawn on Starbucks cups, sleeves, napkins, whatever. Really, it doesn't have to be Starbucks, but the act of drawing art (and leaving it behind) at cafes has always been very cool to me.
SO that means that I love these pop art icons drawn onto Starbucks sleeves to replace the Starburcks mermaid.
@Sleevebucks on Instagram has been posting these sleeves for a while now, and they're awesome. Scroll through a few of my faves below! (this ones Snow White!)

Benedict Cumberbatch!

Harry Potter!


So funny. I used to draw all over the siren on the sleeve too when I was working at Starbucks. I always gave her a thick gold chain, a snapback, and a boombox hahaha.
@danidee LOL! I always left the drawing to my coworkers, but I feel like EVERY Starbucks has that barista that draws.