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I've already shared a few different ways to take your condiments hiking before (such as the pillbox method or the straw method), but I just found this one and thought I'd share it, too.
This is great if you already consume those freeze pop popsicles because you can reuse the packaging!
Things you'll need:
- empty, clean freeze pop plastic
- scissors
- funnel and spoon
- condiments of choice
- some sort of straightener or curling iron
And then, make them up! You need to use these within a few days (because they're not really vacuum sealed) but they're pretty easy to make and use!
@noonmarez Not as bad as you'd think, just basic cleanup!
Well, I will have to consider this the next time I go north.
Nice! I usually just premake my PB&J but then things are all soggy and yuck!
Awesome! And much, much easier than the straw method, I think. Cleaner for sure!
I like this idea but would not actually do it. Seems too messy.
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