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R: Rainie S: Show 0'50 R: Why are you still following me? I thought we were supposed to split up S: I'm not following you! You're supposed to head east and I'm supposed to head west R: I think I've been too fierce to you. Since God has brought us together, I should apologise. Let's shake and be friends keke she then pretends that S is trying to strangle her! 2'28 R: You are not going to tell me that this is just a coincidence right? S: I just came in to buy a drink! R: Yeahhh right. Be careful... next time I see u I will *punch* S: HEY. dont be so nasty! U might need my help one day R: Yeahhh... when that day comes... I will beg you R sees someone she recognises and she really has to BEG S to help her escape! R evades all of S's questions and claims she is running away cos she owes the guy $ 4'50 S: Are u still angry with me? R: Actually, I can tell u r not a bad guy. But I hate being lied to. S: HA. but everything u have told me up till now has been a lie. I'm a photographer, I can look in your eyes and know if u are telling the truth R: REALLY??? ok. I am 26 S: False R: I'm an orphan S: False R: I'm v poor S: False R: I have a tattoo on my body S: True. I saw it that day when you... R: That doesnt count!!! ... I'm actually v lonely inside S: True. R asks S to dance with her... she's really drunk... 7'10 S: You've never told me why u came travelling alone R: It's 2012 already. If I dont come out to see the world now, it will be the end of the world. S: As long as we are happy today, even if its 2012... so what. ---KISS---- 8'12 S: if the world really ends, I will be there with you 8'30 S: You are sober now? So do you remember what happened just now... R just evades... -----DEEP KISS--------- i really love the chemistry between Show and Rainie... you must check out the BTS too! Show is super funny grin Full list of episodes
will you make Eng Subs for ep 4?
♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻ ░█░░░█░█░▄▀░█▀▀░░░░▀█▀░█░█░█░▄▀▀░ ░█░░░█░█▀░░░█▀░░▄▄░░█░░█▀█░█░░▀▄░ ░█▄▄░█░█░▀▄░█▄▄░░░░░█░░█░█░█░▄▄▀░ ♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻
─▀██▀──♥█████♥─♥█████──██▀▀▀█♥♥♥♥♥♥ ──██─♥♥███████♥███████─██▄█──( ▒)(▒)♥ ──██─♥♥███████████████♥██▀█─(▒ )(♥)(▒)♥ ─▄██▄▄█♥█████████████♥♥██▄▄▄█( ▒)(▒)♥ ___________ ♥█████████♥ _____________ ♥█████♥ ________________♥█♥. ✿♥❀♥❁•*¨✿❀❁•*¨`*•.✿❀❁•*¨`*•✿♥❀♥❁•* Me gusta ·
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