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Heartbeat Love 再一次心跳 Ep 3 ENG SUB (mini translation!)
R: Rainie S: Show 0'50 R: Why are you still following me? I thought we were supposed to split up S: I'm not following you! You're supposed to head east and I'm supposed to head west R: I think I've been too fierce to you. Since God has brought us together, I should apologise. Let's shake and be friends keke she then pretends that S is trying to strangle her! 2'28 R: You are not going to tell me that this is just a coincidence right? S: I just came in to buy a drink! R: Yeahhh right. Be careful... next time I see u I will *punch* S: HEY. dont be so nasty! U might need my help one day R: Yeahhh... when that day comes... I will beg you R sees someone she recognises and she really has to BEG S to help her escape! R evades all of S's questions and claims she is running away cos she owes the guy $ 4'50 S: Are u still angry with me? R: Actually, I can tell u r not a bad guy. But I hate being lied to. S: HA. but everything u have told me up till now has been a lie. I'm a photographer, I can look in your eyes and know if u are telling the truth R: REALLY??? ok. I am 26 S: False R: I'm an orphan S: False R: I'm v poor S: False R: I have a tattoo on my body S: True. I saw it that day when you... R: That doesnt count!!! ... I'm actually v lonely inside S: True. R asks S to dance with her... she's really drunk... 7'10 S: You've never told me why u came travelling alone R: It's 2012 already. If I dont come out to see the world now, it will be the end of the world. S: As long as we are happy today, even if its 2012... so what. ---KISS---- 8'12 S: if the world really ends, I will be there with you 8'30 S: You are sober now? So do you remember what happened just now... R just evades... -----DEEP KISS--------- i really love the chemistry between Show and Rainie... you must check out the BTS too! Show is super funny grin Full list of episodes http://www.vingle.net/posts/6824
will you make Eng Subs for ep 4?
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<3 it
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loved it
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