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Just because school is boring, doesn't mean your outfit has to be! Lol I go to Rutgers university in New Jersey. I graduate soon, May 18! I'll have a bachelor's in psychology and minor in anthropology and public service. (I know, I look kind of young, people think I'm in high school lol) but I love people and love to write but I'm really obsessed with clothes!!! My dress is from Forever 21. I love this skater dress, it has a round neckline on the front and drops a little low in the back. My trench jacket is Calvin Klein, it has a hood , I got the socks from Forever 21 too! And last but not least the boots are from Marshalls (they're my sisters a a size bigger than I should be wearing, but who cares, I looked cute) almost forgot about this huge leather bag that I could probably fit in. It's awesome and it's Jones New York. Have a great day friends Follow me ! I can help your outfit pop! Can you please complete this survey for a class I take guys I really appreciate it ! Link:
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I totally thought you were in high school! Can't believe you're graduating college in a month! Congrats! :)