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So the board I received had a small shallow crack just a flesh wound really. But I would prefer to have a perfectly unblemished board. So I contacted them and they responded saying they could refund me but I don't want a refund I either want it to be replaced or I'll keep it as it. So just waiting back now for them to say if they can replace it or not if they do replace it idk when I would get the new one maybe in a week or two? My trucks get in today.
@AndrewVollmar alright.
yo @richardschafer when I come to TN this summer I want to ride with you
or you can get the refund and order the deck again. idk
They don't replace it so I will just keep it as is. It's not that bad of a crack I was just being picky once I get the trucks I'll put it together and post it.