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Here is is guys! A step by step on how I do my hair when I dont wanna stress it too muvh with heat. I was tired and going to bed lol so pardon the pjs. Here we go :)
First this is how to do the "figure 8" with two t-shirts. I twisted both and tied the ends together with a hair tie.
Next, I used a serum just because I've been w washing my hair a lot and I don't want to dry it out too much I know i said heatless, but my hair was really wet and I wanted to go to bed lol so I ran a blow dryer through my roots to speed up the process. Then brush to detangle :)
Next, I parted my hair and sectioned into three.
So excuse the horrible screenshot, but I took one t-shirt loop and pulled my back hair section through it, then ghe other loop sits on my head like shown
Next, grab a section of hair from the front and pulled up and around the t-shirt. Continue wrapping and secure with a bobby pin. Keep the hair flat and don't twist too much. I do the front pieces on either side of my hair part first to secure the loop on the top of my head.
Continue wrapping and pinning and you'll get something like this.
Now for the back. I do it this way because it gives me more of a curl and is less kinky them just doing it the way I did the front. For this section im wrapping outwards rather than inwards like I did the front. At the end, it should be secure and comfortable to sleep with.
Going to, and waking up from bed :)
Did my makeup, took out the pins, rolled out the hair and gave it a run through with my fingers and a quick spray of suave light hold hairspray.
The end result :) As you can see its a pretty awesome method. Plus its not very damaging or time consuming. The whoke wrapping process takes me 10-15 minutes. Tips: if you want more of a curl, use more hairspray. I used a tiny bit for waves, abd the last picture here is what it looks like after the curls loosen a bit. Also, smaller t-shirt + smaller hair sections = tighter curls hope you enjoyed it :)
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@BreeHorne my hair was damp when I did this. If you do it with very wet hair it might not dry enough.
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Hey man who was a
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come to the next few years
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tried this last night did everything as directed and it does NOT work. much hair is just as straight this morning as it was when I went to bed
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