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why do i feel so good on rainy days? is it because the world is now as dark as my thoughts. i sit wondering is anyone ever going to get me? i mean really get me not the "i gotcha"kinda got me but the "i understand were your coming from" kind of got me to know what I'm thinking and when is there anyone or there like that that can save me from one thought but also rejoice another you know? i wonder will i ever have a best freind don't get me wrong i have good friends and i have really good friends but i hadn't had a best friend you know there's a difference a really big difference and so far none can measure up so i still am wondering if there's someone out there who truly gets me
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Great introspective look at what friendship can and might be. I understand the difficulties--I may be in my 50s now, but when I was young there was a time when I felt that I had no one, but it was simply that I had not yet found those who understood. In time, you will. Write more until then. Write and stay strong.