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Pro Cycling Hits the Big Screen in Hong Kong
If you loved classic cycling movies like Breaking Away and American Flyers but have been dying to see a cycling movie redone in modern times, then get ready! Emperor Motion Pictures just released the trailer for a Hong Kong-based tim that will follow a similar storyline entitled To The Fore (translated, of course).
In the trailer for the movie you meet Lin Chao Xian, a young man who wants to follow his dreams of becoming a pro cyclists and, of course, is met with criticism. The minute and a half has emotional pleas, heart-stopping crashes, race montages, rivalries, cycling caps, and a couple of risqué scenes. The tag line for the film is “Attitude is everything."
The movie is directed by action filmmaker Dante Lam and it will hit theaters this summer.
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Hoping there are subtitles. Looks great!
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Interested for sure!
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