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You may have thought about ways to get paid for riding your bike, and come to the conclusion that it takes way too much effort to accomplish that feat. For all of us that are not gifted with the drive and talent of professional cyclists, there are only a few alternatives, like a bicycle messenger or cycle tour leader.
Well there is a new way to make a little bit of cash on the side without spending time delivery food from one place to another. Starve teamed up with Competitive Cyclist to offer you a credit. The credit is worth $1.00 toward any purchase on the site, for every hour you spend riding.
Want to know the details? Here is how it works: If you haven’t already, make an account for Strava and for Competitive Cyclist. Synchronize the two so you can start accruing the credits!
For ever each hour you ride you will receive $1.00 in store credit. Credits are counted in half-hour increments so an hour and a half of riding will get you $1.50 in store credit for Competitive Cyclist. Credits will show up within 24 hours and are limited to 40 credits per month.
“You ride. We Pay. It’s almost like being pro,” says Competitive Cyclist. Well, not quite, but for us ordinary bicyclists it is a nice way to get some great discounts on stuff we need to buy, like tubes, tools, and parts.
so how do u get payed do u have to be premium
wait what two accounts do u link
@SamJimenez I don't think so, just link the two accounts