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t’s a common site to see professional athletes getting pumped up and ready to go with a pair of headphones in their ears. Cyclists are not an exception to this. Have you ever wondered what cyclists are listening to while getting ready for a race?
Here are 11 professional cyclists favorite songs to get pumped up with:
1. Georgia Gould, pro mountain bike racer - “Bust a Move” (Young MC)
2. Tim Johnson, pro cyclocross racer - “Shipping Up To Boston” (Dropkick Murphies)
3. Ted King, pro road racer - “Derezzed” (Daft Punk)
4. Todd Wells, pro cyclocross racer/MTB - “Forever Young” (Jay-Z)
5. Justin Lindine, pro cyclocross racer/MTB - “Sail” (Awolnation)
6. Jeremy Powers, pro cyclocross racer“For music, I love listening to live sets, because I’m a bike racer and standing up, dancing, partying until 6 am isn’t really in the cards for a couple more years until I hang it up,” Powers explains, but if he had to name one thing, the Skrillex and Diplo set form Ultra Music Fest Miami is his top jam at the moment.
7. Abby Mickey, pro road racer - “Uptown Funk” (Bruno Mars)
8. Scott Zwizanski, pro road racer - “The Four Horseman” (Metallica)
9. Kiel Reijnen, pro road racer - “Jukebox Hero” (Foreigner)Reijnen explains, “Standing in the rain with his head hung low, couldn’t get a ticket, it was a sold out show. Heard the roar of the crowd, he could picture the scene. Put his ear to the wall and like a distant scream…’You get the idea."
10. Joey Rosskopf, pro road racer“For most races, I get on my 'TuneIn Radio’ app and listen to Real Country 92.3 FM, WMOQ,” Rosskopf says. “It’s an Athens, Georgia, radio station. It keeps me relaxed before the race starts. I don’t like to get pumped up and stressed out. Instead, I listen to classic country music."
11. Tejay van Garderen, pro road racer“I can’t say there is one specific song that I listen to,” van Garderen says. “It changes often. I have the Hype Machine app on my phone and you can follow people. My teammates, Michi Schär and Taylor Phinney, usually have some good music to listen to on there. So I kind of bum off of their playlists to steal songs from them. It is much easier to find good music because they have good taste and are actually motivated to find it."
Do you have a favorite song to get pumped up before you exercise? What is it?
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I like anything with heavy bass that will melt my ears. That usually pumps me up! Lol