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so my original free ride 38 was stolen yesterday. im kinda bummed about it but to be honest i didnt like it that much its just the fact it got stolen and there wasnt anything i could do about it. but now i have another reason to get another board
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I'D BE SO FUCKING BUMMED IF THAT HAPPENED TO ME AND I PRETTY MUCH WAS WHEN MINE GOT RAN OVER THAT SUCKS SO MUCH BRO. That'd be like loosing a pet. Oh and actually my DK Siklon bmx bike got stolen from my highschool bikerack and I never got it back. But with a board like that maybe you'll see someone riding it, unless its somebody good, then they would go to good spots at odd hours, I think an investigation is quite feasible, I doubt the police would give you the time of day if you told them about your situation. All the police did for my bike was ask for the serial number, that longboard probably has a different serial number for each part
Sorry to hear that bro but at least it wasn't the oat soda.
yeah but I live where there's a lot of tweakers. they steal some of the weirdest shit.
Damn bro, I didn't think people actually steal old boards.
People who steal do not even prosper foward with there lives im sorry for your loss of a board though
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