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Songs to introduce Non-Kpoppers to Kpop!
This is my personal list to show to a non-kpop fan to see the world of Kpop! I hope you like it! Thank you @mattK95 for tagging me to do this challenge! :D
1. BIGBANG- FANTASTIC BABY Catchy beat, the whole chorus is basically in english, and M/V is crazy, but memorable! I couldn't get "BOOM SHAKA LAKA" out of my head when I first listened to it.
2. GOT7- A This song is super catchy along with the addicting dance moves, awesome fashion, and a bunch of different people in the M/V! People won't be able to stop singing "AYYYY!"
3. BEAST- BEAUTIFUL NIGHT This whole M/V is basically showing people partying and having fun with Beast. Along with a catchy beat and awesome outfits. :)
5. B1A4- WHAT'S HAPPENING? Another quirky and random M/V in the kpop world, but a really catchy and addicting song and dance. Yay B1A4! :)
6. INFINITE- BACK This M/V is intense, the song is amazing, and I love Infinite's dancing so much. The chorus "I want you back back back back back" is always stuck in my head.
7. VIXX- ETERNITY I love VIXX, the song and the dance moves but I also give props to how amazing the set looks!!
8. BTS- BOY IN LUV One of my favortite songs from BTS. The song showcases Korean hip-hop, rapping and also awesome dancing!!
9. BTOB-YOU'RE SO FLY This song and music video is just so bright, colorful, funny, and happy. It's random and crazy but the actual song is so addicting!!
10. CNBLUE- HEY YOU I had to also include Korean band and one of my favorites is CNBLUE. This song is SUPER addicting and catchy. You gotta show everyone that there is Korean bands too! ;)
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Thank you!! @Ambie
3 years ago·Reply
great great :) .
3 years ago·Reply
Thank you so much! :) @sherrysahar
3 years ago·Reply
I like how you picked some of my favorite songs by each group!
3 years ago·Reply
Yay! I'm glad!! :D @danidee
3 years ago·Reply