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Professor Ben Schmidt of Northeastern created an interactive chart that allows users to view "positive" and "negative" words used to describe male and female professors. The language we use to describe our instructors can be really telling; I found some really disturbing trends with how female professors received "negative" adjectives more often than male professors. It's especially depressing when you consider that many schools use student evaluations to help decide which professors will receive tenure. Scroll down for some more shocking examples.
But don't take my word for it, play around with it yourself. Even though RateMyProfessors is a pretty limited sample size, the results are still surprising across the board. Find any results that shocked you? Lemme know!
I agree, it's pretty crazy. I think these subconscious double standards are pretty ingrained with even women. I've been trying to be more cognizant of it.
Holy crap! I had no idea that it's that clear. I was just playing around with it and wow....honestly, even as a female, thinking back on how I've described professors. I've definitely used crazy for women professors a lot more. Yikes...
Often, it's not until we think about our behavior later that we are able to fully understand what has influenced our opinions formation. Years and years of education towards one way of thinking can take a long time to reverse.